Google AdWords 10+ Years

Understanding Google’s keyword algorithm gives our team a distinct advantage when optimizing Amazon’s A9 system. Googles methods for keyword weight and relevance gives our team a unique understanding of your keyword performance on Amazon. These metrics provide insight to your search rank on Amazon, as well as your products detail pages effect on PPC conversion and ACoS.

SEO | Web Design 15+ Years

Our team has deep roots in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building landing pages for specific terms to complete company site designs. With years of experience designing keyword weighted pages, blog posts, and articles around keyword phrase campaigns, we are experts at optimizing product listings for conversion, relevance, and optimal keyword weight. PPC Optimization’s team brings this unique experience as an added value to your Amazon advertising though listing and image coaching.

Keyword Research 10+ Years

Keyword research is so much more than just looking for high volume and relevant terms. Every category on Amazon presents a different strategic obstacle. Amazon’s search result page algorithm being performance-based adds another level of complexity to your products keyword targeting and organic rank strategy.  Our team here at PPC Optimization can not only optimize your Amazon Advertising but also advise you on new keyword tactics and ranking strategies.


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